“The Apathetic children”

In Sweden things happen that doesnt seem to happen anywhere else, i say that with a double sense, meaning that yes things do in actuality happen here that are very rear in other places, such as the phenomena with the apathetic children that im about to tell you about. But i also mean that things happen here that are so induced in far leftism and political correctness that it actually becomes quite bizarre. If those stories could only be only that….bizarre stories that you could sit back and have a good laugh at. But in this case with the apathetic children which im about to tell you about its not funny, not even for a second because in this phenomena there are real victims and those victims are children.

I remember first hearing about apathetic children on the news some 15-20 years ago, apparently what happened was that amongst families that had come to Sweden as asylum seekers and been rejected this terrible form of apathy started appearing in there children. We were told the reason for this was the plain hopelessness and fear of returning to the countries they had fled from. So basically what happened with these families is that in many cases they were allowed to stay after their children had become apathetic. I dont have any numbers on that but i imagine that having apathetic children was and is a highly effective method of receiving youre asylum status.. I remember thinking already back then there had to be something fishy with this. But nowhere in the media did i hear a single critical voice questioning how or why it could be that this phenomena had become so common here in Sweden when it wasnt appearing anywhere else in the world. I know now, that there where voices questioning this….but they were never heard or were beeing more or less ridiculed.

Its now that this story becomes sooo ugly. Youve probably heard the quote before “The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing” and it fits very well in this narrative because there were in fact people that knew what was going on, but they did nothing….and that my friend is the worst. First of all lets talk about what really happened then. A few weeks ago the swedish internet magazine magasinetfilter.se published a story that brought everything to the surface, in it featured 2 young adults that had been “apathetic children” It was now 20 year old Anahit Arekelyan and a young man presumably around the same age that doesnt want to appear with name and face but the magazine call him Nermin, and they came out and told their stories. When Anahit was 10 years old during the fall of 2009, her dad and stepmother decided that she was going to be apathetic. She was taken out of school and given a number of guidelines to relate to. “Dont talk, dont smile, dont be out on youre own, dont react to anything” She had to live on yoghurt and nutritional beverages. “I remember my stepmother cooking, and the smell of food could be felt thru the whole house, but i wasnt allowed to eat, sometimes i would sneek up and take a piece of bread or something, because i was so hungry”

The purpouse of all this…to gain residence permit. The apathy lasted for barely a year, after that her dad became so afraid of getting caught that they decided she was going to be normal again. Eventually she was placed in foster care and given her own residence permit, she explains to the magazine filter. The boy that the magazine Filter had chosen to call Nermin came to Sweden with his family from Serbia during 2005. After a few months the families residence permit application was denied. That was the beginning of Nermins life as sick.

To the magazine he tells the story about how his parents made him sit in a wheelchair, made him starve, he couldnt see his friends, lied about him having epileptical seizures. “I wasnt allowed to open my eyes, but i couldnt always resist, and thats when my dad gave me an f-ing smack in the neck” “I prayed to God everytime that someone would tell my dad, what are you doing, youre kid is well! They were trained doctors so they must have understood, but nobody said anything” He was only 12 years old when he tried to kill himself, he lost consciousness but survived. He is now and adult, has recieved his own residence permit and lives away from his family.

Many things points toward that the problem with apathetical children is something that is occuring almost exlusively only in Sweden. Already in 2005 in a state investigation a nurse is beeing quoted saying “Alot of young people come to us and tell us that they are going to stop eating and drinking, then we talk about it and tell them its not going to help you or youre family. Almost all of them will then say that theyve heard that if you do that you get help to stay in Sweden” The same year the welfare agency wrote this “Even if there is no unity regarding how common a manipulative behavior is, its important that those people that are responsible for efforts regarding care for asylum seekers¬† always consider this possibility”

So here is a few weird things that id like to point out, this phenomena occurs almost only in Sweden, there have been people around that has tried all be it subtle, but still have tried to indicate or warn that there might be individuals that are trying to manipulate the system by acting apathetical. But still nothing happened, the behavior continued….and now let me explain to you why. Here in Sweden almost all reporters hired in tv and on the big daily newspapers have a severe bias to the left. Alot of them are not only doing their job as reporters they are more like activists that will go out of their way to not only report about things but actually try and change the outcome of cases they report on. So there you go, reporters, on big papers and tv media made several stories on these poor apathetical children, sob stories where the government and the authorities deciding on their asylum status where being portrayed as heartless creatures.

The situation has improved over the last few years but we have had an opinion corridor here that has been brutal towards anyone that didnt stay inside. If you were a public figure and said something that was not politically correct or in any other matter going against what the media giants here in Sweden had decided was the truth, theyve had the power to start pure witch hunts that could result in people loosing their jobs, careers and friends. Are you beginning to understand why people hasnt spoken up like they should have in a normal society? So the biggest culpret in all of this, is without doubt the swedish media….they have blood and suffering on their hands.

They chose a narrative that they stuck with, didnt want to listen to anyone that said anything different, didnt give anyone that had anything else to say a fair platform at best, at worst they would character assasinate you resulting in the things mentioned above. Other culprets worth mentioning are authorities like the Child-medicine workgroup that applied pressure on the welfare services to remove the wording were it warned hospital staff to be aware of manipulation. Hopefully these brave 2 young adults that now came out and spoke up about what happened might lead to some kind of change. The phenomena with apathetic children is almost as common these days as it was 15 years ago….

What really happened last night in Sweden?

How great that you found my podcast or chronicle. I want to tell you a little bit about why ive started to try and make my voice heard online. Im deeply conserned about the developments here in my country Sweden. I think to say that things are going in the wrong direction these days is a gross understatement. Unfortunately theres still people that will try to argue theres nothing wrong, whos right or wrong im gone leave for you to decide.

However my way of looking at it is if something is going on around you that conserns you and that theres not much you can do about it, theres always one thing you can do, tell about it, so thats what im doing right now, in the future i want to be able to look my children in the eyes and tell them i didnt just look on without doing anything, at least raising my voice….

On saturday february 18th 2017 US  president Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida where he spoke about keeping America safe and also mentioning the terrorist attacks that happened in Nice, Paris and Brussels and in the same sentence he pointed out an unspecified event that happened in Sweden Friday evening. So what was it that actually happened that Friday in Sweden, well the answer to that is not particularly much. That wasnt what president Trump was actually referring to, he was actually talking about a Fox news story that aired on Friday night. So what happened in that documentary? Well a whole lot is the answer to that question, that and other developments is what i feel the need to talk about.

 When did i first notice that there was something skewed going on in my country, and by that i mean when did i notice that there was some kind of a change that was not entirely good? Im pretty sure when that was, or roughly around the time at least.

I grew up in a little village outside of a town with about 50000. Its a very nice area that is part of the most beautiful landscape in Sweden (Dalarna) that is known for pittoresk houses nice landscapes and beeing very cultural. This area and especially the town i grew up nearby has had its problems with drugs and criminality, but what i was about to discover when i moved to Stockholm was something else that we were alieanated from here in this area where i grew up.

So late 1998 i moved to Stockholm which is the capital of Sweden looking for work. It didnt take me long before i got a job at the time largest private security company in Stockholm. I would work for them for about 7-8 years doing various things, so that job led me to meet people and into situations that strarted setting of the alarmbells that there was something not right going on….But the first memory i actually have of some of that something was an event that was out of my work.

It was a regular day of the week, i had been somewhere doing something, cant remember what but i was going to take the commuter train back to where i lived at the time. As i was going down to the plattform where the trains move out in 2 seperate directions there was nothing unusual going on, just a regular weekday in the middle of the day with not to many people commuting.

Im standing there in my own world probably thinking about motorcycles or something like that when i notice 2 guys standing some meters away from me, one guy is swedish and the other one, a young guy that looks like he comes from the middle east somewhere. The swedish guy is starting to look a little bothered even though they talk with low voices, so this catches my attention. I can hear the swedish guy say

-Dont you think theres to many people around here? My brain is now starting to put 2 and 2 together. I didnt hear the whole conversation but its clear to me that theres a very actual possibility that im watching an attempted robbery right in broad daylight! I cant believe it might actually be happening and it does catch me a little of guard. But im thinking if this guy actually goes ahead with a robbery im gone make a citizens arrest.

So i move in closer to them which gets the attemted robberer to think i suppose, he just looks at me and then moves away. This was something i had never seen before in my life, the attitude ruthlessnes and obvious impudence of the attemted robberer was a brand new to me and it left me with a feeling of surprise and anger. Basically the way this guy was acting, was a brand new to me was actually something that is very apparent in statistics over commited crimes in Sweden.

Immigrants from various parts of the world, some places more then others are hugely overated in crimerates. Before i explain more about that, theres something very important that i would like to say i have been truly blessed in my life by having friends that are immigrants. I think different cultures is very interesting, and every time i meet people from different countrys i find it very interesting.

By talking about these things im not trying to say all immigrants are bad people and argue the case that no one should be here. Rather what im trying to do is to explain what the facts and consecvenses have been to Sweden due to the massimmigration politics that our governments have pursued . I fully understand why people come here and to the rest of Europe to look for a better life. What is more difficult to understand is the politicians, who by now should be very much aware that in whole massmigration with all its problems has been very bad for europe.

A while back i had an email conversation with a swedish pastor that has been outspoken about these kind of things from a christian perspective, how Sweden it seems has really moved far away from God. But what he said gave me hope, he basically said that first of all to resist the feeling of hopelesness and not be like the lazy servant. But also that since Sweden has been so much in the forefront of spiritual degredation, maybe we will be the first ones to turn.

Sadly Sweden stands in the forefront of everything you can imagine that is left liberal which includes more or less open borders and a willingness to accept everything that comes from or benefits the EU. This country that has a Christian heritage that dates back to as early as the 800s is now in the forefront of embracing as it seems as many things possible that goes against classical christianity. As an evangelical Christian i find it hard to describe how sad it is to watch my country degrade like this. 

Basically though of course i hope this country will turn, but sometimes when you take a fight for something, you should fight not because youre going to win that particular battle or accomplish change but because you think its Gods will, how he wants to use youre efforts is His plan….If there is one thing we can be certain about as Jesus followers it is that no matter what the situation looks like…..God will always have a plan. If you are a Jesus follower, Evangelical, Catholic or whatever….please pray for my country Sweden, if you dont have a faith but also recognize and see things going in the complete wrong direction, lets all work together and make our voices heard and God bless you!¬†