Over the past half century there has been a wave of leftliberalism sweeping across large parts the world. Many of the things that comes out of this has been directly harmful to individuals and nations in whole. In many ways my country Sweden has been in the forefront of this eagerly embracing almost anything that had progressive leftliberalism written on it. We have been such a great country in so many ways but are now starting to reap the harvest of these crazy ideas and Sweden is now deteriorating rapidly in many ways. A lot of things that are happening here is actually even quite bizarr, i talk about things like that and try to explain. I also interview people that have interesting things to tell, some are more known then others but all have storys to tell. I post all essays here and read them on youtube and soundcloud. I also have small devotionals where i share things from my christian faith. My hope is that you will recieve something of worth from my blogging, if you do so please dont hesitate to tell me ask me questions if you wonder about something.