What is the Swedish government hiding regarding the Estonia disaster….

(Below the text theres a link to a youtube video if you prefer to listen)In my lifetime Sweden has gone thru 2 national traumas of significanse, the first one was the murder of our at the time prime minister Olof Palme, the second one was the sinking of ms/estonia where over 500 swedish citizens were killed in 1994. All together the death rate was 852 people including citizens from other countrys mostly Finland and Estonia.

At the time of the disaster i was 19 years old and remember it quite vividly, the gruesome storys about what went on in the freezing waters of the Baltic sea after the Estonia incredibly swiftly had started taking in water and in a matter of just about 55 minutes went under we were all in chock. And it seemed like everyone knew someone or someone that knew someone that was killed on the Estonia.

So basically what we had was a huge disaster that was very hard to understand, boat accidents do happen, this is not the first disaster of course that ever happened, but one of the things that made this accident so unique was the course of the sinking, it sank in less then an hour which according to most should be impossible, it felt unreal in some way because most of us are used to going on these type of cruises, and to imagine that in just a matter of 55 minutes it all changed and became fatal for so many.

We were told that the cause of the accident was because the boat had gone to fast in the rough stormy weather that night and due to poor maintenance of the ship it caused the bow visor to break causing water to flood in. Horrific event, and a national trauma. As if that wasnt enough the events that followed made things seem even more strange and left many survivors with a feeling of beeing kept in the dark somehow.

Our government quickly declares that the Estonia will be towed from the bottom of the Baltic in an attempt to retrieve as many bodys as possible so that the relatives can have a worthy closure. This is what then prime minister Ingvar Carlsson gives as a promise to the relatives of the diseased. But shortly thereafter the government comes out again with a new statement…the ms/estonia will now be considered a grave, which basically means if anyone dives there or attempts to come close to the wreckage that will be considered a violation of the gravepeace and is a prosecutable offense.

One thing that you need do understand also is that towing the Estonia ship would certainly not have been a particulary difficult project as it only rests in a depth of about 240 feet or 80 meters. The facts that surrounded the sinking were really strange, and the aftermath continues making things look more and more strange. A few years down the line and then prime minister Göran Persson attempts to cover the Estonia with gravel…really makes you wonder doesnt it, out of all the boats that perished out at sea, none of them as far as i know was ever considered a grave and not just a grave, but a grave that could never bee excavated despite the fact that the case of what happened to the victims therein was very unclear.

In fact ever since there has been a boat parked above the Estonia to guard and make sure that no one attempted to dive there. Around 1997 rumours starts circulating that top secret military equipment was shipped on the Estonia, but this rumours were never confirmed until…..2004 when customs worker Lennart Henriksson feels obligated to come out and speak the truth. Several times close to the date of the Estonia sinking they recieve the order to let aboard som swedish military wehicles carrying secret cargo that they are not to examine.

There are also witnesses stating that on the night of the disaster just before departure from Tallin the boat is beeing kept to wait for some military vehicles to come on board with some secret cargo. There are several strange things going on with government that continues over the years but its all in silence….until now.

My son that just turned 9 years old developed a bit of an interest in the Estonia disaster, i would talk to him about it and we would listen to different testimonies about and around the accident, its was obvious even for him only beeing 8 years old that there was something fishy going with the whole affair. I used to think to myself that the truth regarding what really happened will probably not come out before all the people that were involved in the sinking and the coverup were long gone….but low and behold som brave journalists decided to defy the grave peace and make a new documentary where they sent a dive probe down to film the wreckage….they found a whole….and if you had the smallest doubt before that there was some kind of cover up involved in all of this, you should really dismiss that idea given this information.

There is of course no way that you could examine the ship and not find even a single whole, cause it actually turns out there were 2 wholes that were missed. They were not missed of course…the only reason those 2 wholes were not in a report is because they didnt want them to be in the report. Witnesses with important information were in explicably never asked any questions by the investigators, the reason of course could only be one.

They already know what had happened and didnt want anyone else to find out. Im gone go straight to point and explain a little about what information is out there and where its pointing at. From summing up all the different information out there i have reached something of a credible scenario according to me. So remember this is my speculation based on things that i have read and not something that is confirmed by any means, so this could certainly be wrong.

Im not going to explain were i got all the information from as it will take several pages, but i have found it in various storys, how accurate it is im confident we will find out in the future, but heres what i gather up so far. The military equipment brought on the Estonia was russian, the russians knew about it and had issued warnings. These warnings were not taken seriously or was neglected is my only explanation.

A swedish submarine officer supposedly has issued a report where he said that they were close to the Estonia with a swedish sub on that night, they also knew of a russian sub that was close, the russian sub torpedoed the Estonia. Unconfirmed but fits the rest of the puzzle. The reason that the swedish government doesnt want this to slip out is of course because by shipping that military cargo on a civilian cruise ship they are partially responsible for the death of all those people.

Sensitive military equipment should of course never be sent on a civilian ship like the Estonia for the obvious reason that a massive tragedy like this could occur. Regardless of wether it happened exactly like this or not, its something like this, there was a Swedish cover up of what really happened and when the truth starts unraveling about all that really happened i predict that Sweden will completely loose its face before the entire world like they might never have before.

From that day on everyone will know that a swedish government can not be trusted, as thruout this they have lied to the rest of the world, to the victims of this terrible crime, and in a complete act of spineless covardism tried to cover up what really happened….some people think if only the truth comes out that will be enough and we dont need to prosecute those officials that might have commited wrongdoings….no way José i say to that!

You commit petty crime and you get to serve time, but if youre a high rank politician or whomever was responsible in this, you get away with actual crime that cost almost a thousand people their lives. This is not acceptable if we are to move on from this tragedy and learn from it, the responsible people behind the descisions that led to the sinking of the Estonia and the cover up thereafter must be held responsible….

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