“The kneeling Swedish police officer”

After the tragic death of George Floyd due to a terrible police intervention protests and demonstrations have been held at many places in the world including here in Sweden. It seems that these demonstrations here and in most places in the world where they are held consists mainly of angry people from the far left that seems to find some kind of meaning with their lives when they can find rasism.

There is of course no evidence that the tragic incident with George Floyd had anything to do with rasism what so ever, just the fact that he was a black man has spurred these groups on. Statistics show of course that you are no more likely to be abused by the police if you are black then white, but im not going to dwell deep in to that, the point is that tragic incidents like this is many times used by people with agendas to create chaos and trouble.

As i have talked about previously on my blog lastnightinsweden.net our corona situation is very bad, in light of this its a very bad idea to gather alot of people for a demonstration. To have a lawful demonstration you have to apply for a permit, and a permit was stupidly enough in these times granted for 50 people to demonstrate. Now if only 50 decently normal protestors had shown up to that would have been fine, instead thousands of people show up for the demonstration spewing out their hatred and anger towards the police and the incident.

This is of course very bad for our corona situation like i said, but obviously these people couldnt care less about that or dont even understand it seems….So the police had to try and seperate the crowd of demonstrators. And thats when it happened….the act that bears a perfect testimony of just how wrong things have gone within the swedish police force in Sweden. A female police officer, newly graduated from the police academy 22 year old Lisa Simonsson decides to kneel infront of the mob that is shouting obcenities towards her and her collegues.

She also has a note with her that she displays where is says “white silence is violence” After shes done kneeling she goes around hugging demonstrators profusely sobbing. You really have to see this to believe it, ive never seen such a pathetic display of a police officer in my whole life. Here is the clip for you to see in order to believe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FP30iHBGqlo

Yes this female police officer decides to completely abandon her dutys as an officer of the law and side with the mob that is disrespecting her and her collegues. We all know that there are bad police officers, if you didnt know it before you know it now after what happened to George Floyd, and you also know it after watching this pathetic display of law enforcement, what makes this different is that her superior officers has not dissociated themselves from her and her behaviour as a police officer.

The reason why is this is exactly the kind of officers the leading politicians in Sweden has been asking the academy to produce….the saying be careful what you wish for it just might come true comes to mind…. A few years back the police academy was moved to the Södertörn college, a college very well known for its leftliberal profile such as gender, class and ethnicity which was exactly what the politicians required from their new police academy.

As im sure you can imagine not all people and certainly not all police officers in Sweden are this delusional, there are actually quite a lot of sane people here to, only problem is they are not in power. One of those very sane and brave people is former police detective Peter Springare that a few years ago broke silence and spoke up about crime and immigration here in Sweden.

Peter Springare

That was not a popular thing to do amongst his superiors though but thats another story. He had this to say about the incident with the kneeling officer

“Today i am ashamed of having been a swedish police for nearly 45 years, embarassing embarassing, this poor wretch has completely lost it. Tragically shes not alone. Unfortunately this is a result of the stressed and anxiety driven police force we have today. To take a political stance and only be driven by values and political correctnes is legio today within the police training and police activities.

Instead of acting firm and do the job at hand and impartially safeguard our democracy with deadly force if nessasary these lost officers are beeing led by equally lost and stressed superiors. I hope she gets helped by some stand up superiors to immediately leave the police force and find a more suitable for her profession” His statement sums up the situation with the swedish police pretty well i think…..

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