“The Iraqui defense minister recieving welfare in Sweden”

Yep you heard right, its not a joke. The current defense minister in Iraq is recieving welfare here in Sweden at the same time that he is defense minister in Iraq. Its the swedish net magazine Nyheter idag that broke the news a couple of weeks ago. Its a swedish magazine but they also published the news in english, heres the link to that article: https://nyheteridag.se/iraqi-defense-minister-is-receiving-welfare-in-sweden-investigated-by-police/

Of course this news is very surprising! I couldnt imagine that the defense minister of Iraq would be recieiving welfare here in Sweden! But this goes to show something that ive known for a long time, and that is that the swedish system and the swedish authorities are extremely naiv and who knows how many people has taken advantage of this over the years. Our system is basically made for generally honest people.

The way people used to be in Sweden in years past, diligent, hard working without complaining and decent. Imagine this, that if you set fot in a certain country, told the authorities there how hard youre life had been and that you were persecuted. Lets say that you were not persecuted in youre home country, im not saying that everyone that comes here have not been persecuted in their home countrys, but lets say that you werent If you did that the swedish authorites would then find an appartament for you and youre whole family if you had one, you would get way more money then you get from a regular job in youre home country basically without you being required to do anything in return.

You would most probably live in an area were many of youre fellow countrymen would also be living, so you would have plenty of friends you could go and drink cofee with during the days. The authorities would want you to sometimes go to courses were you improve youre skills in looking for work. But basically youre set for life, if you never get a job you will still get paid for the rest of youre life. And they will never deport you back to youre home country even if you commit crimes or seriously missbehave in any other way because there might be a chance that if you return to youre country you might get persecuted again.

Does that sound pretty good? Do you think there might be people that would consider going here and taking advantage of the swedish system? Would you consider it slightly naiv perhaps to think that people wouldnt try to take advantage of such a generous system? Well if you werent either born yesterday or a swedish left liberal you will immediately say yes to that question and understand that these kind of incentives can make people travel for very long distanses, lie about their past and exploit the system by taking full advantage of the well fare provided here.

After all what is there to lose if you come from a third world country? These things is whats called pull factors, and out of all countrys in Europe Sweden definately has the highest pull factors of them all, and is of course the reason why Sweden has recieved so many asylum seekers over the past 25-30 years. Its not our wonderful climate if thats what you thought….Have a good sunny day!

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