“Sweden shows its complete impotence to deal with radical islamists”

Sweden has once again proved to be completely impotent when it comes to dealing with radical islamists that has no business what so ever staying in this country. Recently 6 islamists where taken in to custody as they were classified by our secret intelligence SÄPO as beeing a threat to national security. The plan was to have them expelled from the country. So far so good. Well maybe not good as it is absolutely terrible that we have people like this in our country, but at least its good that there was a reaction and they were taken in to custody.

The information as to why they are a threat to national security is classified so we cant know for sure, but it doesnt take a genius to figure out what it might have to do with. As you may have heard of Sweden has been one of the top exporters per capita of ISIS fighters. Probably somewhere about 300, many of them have returned here to Sweden….but im not going to say anything about that right now cause that might really raise my bloodpressure and its a big subject so perhaps in another essay.

But obviously you understand that we have a bunch of ISIS terrorist walking around on our streets, these islamists that were taken in to custody are most definately people that can be connected to them in one way or another. There are radical mosques tied to salafism where Isis fighters have been inspired and in worst case even recruited. Several of the ones taken in to custody to be expelled were imams, but im pretty sure one way or another they are all connected to ISIS if not directly, by things they have said or done.

If it could only be so well and normal that they were expelled from this country and never seen again. But you see they couldnt be expelled because they would risk persecution in their home countrys according to Swedish migration board. But in case you were worried you shouldnt be, because our attourney general Morgan Johansson has said that they will be “closely monitored” This monitoring however turned out to be that they will have to show up at a polisstation twice a week…..please dont laugh now. I would if it wasnt so serious.

These people have been deemed a security risk to our society and our country by our secret intelligence police, but they are not thrown out of our country, not even kept in custody. You see even with our weak laws they could have been kept in custody for up to 12 months. Im sorry to say but this is a theme that keeps repeating itself. Sweden and our government has no sense whatsoever of wanting to protect their own citizens, its like they dont even understand the concept.

A few years ago we had a minister in the government named Åsa Romson that had this to say about beeing swedish ” To say that you cannot be swedish only because you have a different culture then the historical swedish in Sweden provokes me pretty much. When i mundanely walk around in Stockholm and meet the inhabitants that lives here, i think that everyone that rides the subway are swedish”

So you see that if that is her definition of what it means to be Swedish there is no perspective what so ever that you need to do what is good for youre own citizens first hand, because heck anyone can be a citizen. I would liken this with thinking that anyone that bunked in youre house was a member of youre family, its equally stupid but unfortunately this is how many swedish politicians think, and i believe that is also why we are having such massive problems these days.

Not everyone in government would express themselves this way obviously, but in fact if you look at the decisions they are taking it clearly shows the same way of thinking.And this way of not thinking of the security of youre own citizens first of course is particulalry appauling ….because that should actually be a governments most important job shouldnt it? Theres really no other way to see it then that in this country left liberal ideas has turned in to politics and gone so far that they have lost all common sense to the point where right now, the safety of some potential terrorist has become more important then the safety of the law abiding citizens of Sweden…..

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