“Cannibalism for the climate in Sweden”

It sounds like a bad joke, but it isnt. Its actually behavioralscientist Magnus Söderlund a professor in marketing at Handelshögskolan in Stockholm that is dead serious about this. Hes holding seminars where hes lecturing about the possibility to eat human flesh to….here we go “save the climate” Let me just state something, i am not a scientist so how serious the whole situation with “climate change” really is i cannot possibly know…even though i can guess. According to Söderlund though there are “many difficult taboos amongst the public in the western world that makes it difficult for operators that might want to enter the humanflesh market”

He has figured out that people in general has a hard time with dead bodies….which is something he finds strange sence people are killing eachother savagely these days.
He thinks people are stuck in these taboos because its been said not to violate a dead body. The third factor that makes it difficult for operators to establish themselves in this market is that the public is usually locked in ways that has preciously worked well “People in general are slightly conservative when it comes to eating things they are not used to” Finally he concludes that its important to awake this question for the climate. “If we are going to twist and turn every single rock when it comes to different questions regarding climate and sustainability, at least its important to awake the question”

But the whole debate about the climate….well dont know if its so much of a debate really, not here in Sweden anyways were constantly beeing told that were running out of time and we are 10 years away from the tipping point when climate changes will be irreversible. Also everytime theres some major natural disaster somewhere in the world were beeing told its due to climate change. Heres the thing….im not the most knowledgeable, but certain things i can understand. I can understand simple statistics that tells me the occurence of weather phenomenas such as hurricanes etc has not increased, and is in fact not killing more people now then before. Fact is less people are actually dying now then in the past. This tells me something is not right when i keep hearing all the time that were not even on the brink of disaster….were in a climate disaster right now!!

And this here in Sweden is beeing repeated every time theres a hurricane that sweeps in over Florida or an earthquake or something similar to that. Fact is you can not even watch tv or listen to the news one single day here in Sweden without hearing something about climate change. Im not kidding…every day! Considering that here in Sweden not a single person has died due to climatechange yet thats pretty incredible, i will even venture as far as saying that with absolute certainty people here wouldnt even know or care that there was climate change here unless someone told them this repeatedly every day!
Im 44 years old, for my entire life the climate here has been roughly the same…this i know…..im not a scientist but this i can see with my bare eyes. So for there to be so much talk and hype about something that in fact has zero effect on peoples everyday life is quite incredible.

So what im trying to tell you is that the general discourse in Sweden is very extreme…and especially when it comes to certain things, such as climatechange for example, like i said here in Sweden theres certainly no debate about weather there even is climatechange or, if temperature has changed, what is the actual cause of it, no debate, the only thing were beeing told is that the cause is carbon monoxid and we need to do absolutely everything we can to stop the increase of this lethal gas before its to late. As if that wasnt strange enough…now its also getting seriously weird, and i have seen some weird stuff i have to say, but im pretty sure this one actually wins the trophy.

A professor that is seriously suggesting cannibalism to save the climate. But hey what the heck you might think….weve all heard weirdos every now and then right? The thing about this that should stun you like a left hook delivered by Mike Tyson though is that this fruitcake suggesting this vile uncivilized and loathsome act is beeing given a plattform on national tv and newspapers, is beeing taken seriously and asked serious questions by reporters as if THIS IS A MEASURE WE MIGHT HAVE TO TAKE IN ORDER TO SAVE THE CLIMATE! BECOME CANNIBALS!

Some people have suggested that this might actually be a joke or some kind of a test to see how far its possible to take the debate about what we need to do in order prevent climate change. If that would turn out to be the case i will applaud professor Magnus Söderlund for an exellent point. Reason beeing we have already had people stating in public that we need to get rid of democracy for example in order to save the climate. You see as it seems the madness has no limits so far. So in that case it would have been a brilliant move by the professor to create a wakeup call where the debate is going. Its now been almost a month since Magnus Söderlund suggested we become cannibals in order to save the climate….there are still no signs of it not beeing serious….. 

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